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The strange origin of That Guy With The Glasses...
discipleofdagon wrote in nstalgia_critic
Well, it's not actually HIS origin, it's more of how I found him.
Actually, this is just a rant on his stuff.
More of just a rant in general.
No, I have nothing else to do.

Well, it all started one dark and stormy night in the day, when I was on YouTube, when I found this video called '50 Impressions in 50 seconds'. Well, I liked to see just who balls some of these 'Impressionists' can be.
Alas, instead of laughing in pity and embaressment, I was laughing in hysterics of joy! This man was hilarious, perhaps not completely spot on on a lot of them, but it was hilarious none the less! After a while, I noticed a web address on the bottom of the screen. I decided, why not try it?
At once, I was sucked into a world of shitty movies, shitty games and top notch comedy and genuinely awesome people.

The first thing I watched was the Nostalgia Critic, and I have watched every single video that man has put out to date, save for a few I can't remember. I still have to see the much reviled 'Melvin - Brother of The Joker' skit.

But after a while, I was compelled by good old human curiousity, to seek out other vidoes of the site. And, not in a gay way, fell in love with all these great people, like Spoony, Benzaie, AngryJoe, Linkara, ThatDudeInTheSeude, Nostalgia Chick, and a lot of the others I'm far too tired to write about right now...I yawn.


It's not enough to watch these people, well not for me at least. I want, nay, need to become a part of this amazing community of comedic clowns of coolness, coalescing in my consciousness.
I plan to make a video of sketches to upload in a blog there, someday.
Perhaps I will become famous enough to join their cabal of caucasian cake crockery. CTHULHU!!!

No, I'm not trying to be funny, I'm just too tired to make sense. I'm just typing words. Trying to alliterate.

And if the skits don't work, then I have another plan! Live cock fighting! With cocks! What type of cock? A new one each week!

Anyway, I suppose it's fair to say there is something fundamentally wrong wth the universe, because Doug Walker doesn't have a television show. Hell, if I could, I would. He's too funny to be restriced to one place, to one medium. He needs t.v, books, movies, comics, videogames, breakfast cereals, voodoo dolls, mall openings, brands of paper towels, an anatomy of his brain, colouring books, a thesis on the existence of God and a cult! It boggles the mind that he's not as famous as he should be. But perhaps it is his own choice. Maybe he is really a giant flaming carrot man with laser beam arses. On the Moon. In Hell.

I have nothing else to say, save this:

If you haven't seen the website 'ThatGuyWithTheGlasses', you owe it to yourself to Google it, go in, watch the videos, and become part of a community of genuinely talented actors, filmmakers and comedians.

Go, now, and God be with you.


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